Flash Training Session- Friday, March 16!

Want to improve your abilities on the field and in the weight room FAST? Bring your game from good to great at this Friday’s Elite Skills Camp session focused on football: 60 minutes of training including on-field skill development and strength training.

Nutrition and Mindset

With more diets in existence than springtime ticks in New England, it’s hard to decide which one will work for you. Before making a selection, I believe we must first focus the mind. Here are our top three tips to prepare yourself for dieting.

Beach Body Tune Up? Get Started Now!

With beach season rapidly approaching in the Northeast, it makes most of us wonder what happened to our bodies this winter. Maybe one too many IPA’s? Regardless of the culprit it’s time for a beach body tune up.

An Internship To Remember

As a senior attending Lasell College’s exercise science program, I recently completed my summer internship at Veritas Performance Training. At first, I quickly realized how much I could learn from the coaching staff at VPT and how sound their approach to training...

Director of North Middlesex Pop Warner

I met Kyle through a mutual friend. I was in the process of organizing my 3rd annual North Middlesex Pop Warner Youth football camp and I wanted to try something a bit different. I wanted a professional trainer to come in and hold a warm up and conditioning class....

Moment of the Month Dave

With more miles on his running shoes than some car owners Dave has totaled over 200 half marathons and still going. He is racking up 5Ks faster than we can count and still lines up among the pace leaders. It’s often said that he does his best work through the hills...

Controlling the Hungry Horrors

Whether binge watching Orange is the New Black or catching up on House of Cards, recent Netflix statistics show that users generally watch more than one episode at a time. Extended hours of couch time increase the chances of late night snacking. We are guilty of it,...

North Middlesex Cowboys Summer Camp

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILzfheabCTI June 25, 2016 8am-1pm North Middlesex Regional High School Practice Football Field 19 Main Street Townsend MA 01469 Join us June 25th at North Middlesex Regional High School in Townsend, Massachusetts for our annual...

Pro Agility Essentials

The ability to change direction quickly and efficiently is vital to sports performance. The 5-10-5 or pro agility drill is one of the most common change of direction tests in use. The drill tests how quickly an athlete can change directions between three cones,...

Why You Should Keep Lifting

Every fifteen seconds an older adult falls and receives emergency care, with fatal results occurring every twenty-nine seconds. As we age our basic abilities like stability decline, making everyday tasks increasingly more difficult and dangerous. So what can we do?...

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