Flash Training Session- Friday, March 16!

by | Mar 14, 2018 | Events, Sports

Veritas Performance Elite Skills Camp: Football

Friday, March 16, 6:30 – 7:30 pm
Mill Works Westford, 22 Town Farm Road, Westford, MA
Ages: Middle and High School athletes, football experience required
Field cost of $30 per athlete
Register by emailing kyle.briere@gmail.com

Want to improve your abilities on the field and in the weight room FAST? Bring your game from good to great at this Friday’s Elite Football Skills Development Camp session: 60 minutes of training including on-field skill development and strength training. Learn from experienced athletes and develop the techniques that it takes to play consistently at a high level and learn details to enhance your game.

Meet Your Coach:

Chris Bury, Notre Dame Football- Football Skill Development
A long-time veteran of Veritas, Chris is trained in the Tight End position for serious competitive play at the University of Notre Dame. He trained and played with NFL prospects and was a part of one of the deepest position groups in the country. Chris brings over 5 years of experience in Division 1 and 2 college football and 15 years of playing football at many levels to our Elite Skills Camp. Chris also plays on multiple special teams units and played at Division 2 Stonehill College as a Fullback and Tight End. He specializes in offensive responsibilities, route running, in-line blocking, perimeter blocking, blocking at the second level, and in space and getting separation on routes, and is skilled in offensive techniques, including delaying, releasing split wide and in line, inside/outside zone blocking techniques, and stacking defenders. Chris also plays Tight End position in other areas of the field such as a wideout, fullback, H-Back and a traditional Tight End. He works with understanding the “bigger picture” of conceptual play from film study, and also has skills with defensive line positions and skills such as pass rush, block destruction, and gap play.

-Kyle Brere, MS, CSCS- Strength and Conditioning Development