An Internship To Remember

by | Aug 31, 2016 | Success Stories

As a senior attending Lasell College’s exercise science program, I recently completed my summer internship at Veritas Performance Training. At first, I quickly realized how much I could learn from the coaching staff at VPT and how sound their approach to training really is.

My experience inside the gym was incredibly rewarding, both physically and mentally. It was a sanctuary for me, where I could grow my body and mind. During the training process I felt at ease knowing I had experienced coaches around me. Even in times of doubt and discomfort they where there to guide me in the right directions.

Before I started my internship I was at an all time low in my physical ability, my weight was at a lifetime high of 320lbs. Old sports injuries had stacked up and limited my abilities. This was a position in life I was not familiar with, as a multi sport athlete I was always in great shape years ago.

I began my internship at 296lbs, after planning my fitness goals with Kyle we began working every day. The first few weeks I didn’t see the results I had expected, but I kept going and believing in the process. All of the sudden the results poured in with some minor nutrition tweaks. Week after week I lost 10 pounds here or 5 pounds there. My strength increased as my body fat dropped, and my injuries where no longer holding me back. I am feeling and moving great, with a new back squat PR of 410 this month!


As of the middle of August 16, 2016 I weighted in at 258 pounds, which works out to 62lbs weight loss. There was no crazy diet involved, and no magical exercise routines. My success is a result of properly planned programming combined with ideal nutrition, mixed with purpose, and motivation.

My goal is to eventually hit 100b weight loss, I know with help from Kyle, and the Veritas team I can reach this. The only advice I have to those who are struggling with their fitness would be to believe in yourself first, look for great people to help you along the way, and don’t get discouraged.

Be patient, be strong, have a purpose to stay motivated, and believe.
-Kyle Green