Veritas PT is the place you want to be to see actual improvements. The experience and dedication that Kyle brings each and every day is remarkable. You get a personalized and specific program to your needs and desires. I get to work with him on a daily basis and he has turned my performance on the field into more than what I imagined when I first started with Kyle. The best part is the once you reach your first set of goals, you better make sure you have more ready to break because Veritas PT will be the answer to reaching those milestones. Kyle will text me on a regular basis to make sure I am keeping up with my stretching even when I am away at college. He is an all around 24/7 trainer that won’t rest until the goal is reached. I have big goals that I want to reach and I know Kyle and his facility gives me the best opportunity to get to where I want to be. Having a good time working out in an environment that encourages growth to be made is the best way to train. You can find that here at Veritas PT. I would strongly encourage to anyone reading this to give Veritas PT and Kyle a chance to show you the results that can be achieved. I have spoken to many people that have come for their first time at SLNH and were hesitant but once they got in, they said it was one of the best experiences they’ve had with a program and a trainer. I gave Kyle that chance a few years ago and now the possibilities are endless!